3 Reasons Why Event Organisers Need TBM Event 


If you’re an event organiser who’s listed their event on our platform before, you should already know about TBM Event. But if you don’t, don’t worry! You’ll hear all about it here. TBM Event has two sections, one for attendees and one for event organisers. So let’s talk about what exciting features you enjoy using the TBM Event as the event organiser!

1.  Track ticket sales at a glance

Upon account creation, You get an email whenever someone buys a ticket or registers for free access to your event. But the best way to view ticket sales is through the TBM Event website! From your phone or laptop, you can look at how many tickets you’ve sold, what ticket types have sold more, how much money you’ve made, and even scroll through the details of every single attendee who’ bought a ticket to your event. It’s the perfect way to know how successful your event is at a glance. TBM Events guarantees automatic mail confirmation for all your attendees.

2.  Extended services beyond ticketing 

At TBM Events we guarantee our event organizers other services to boost their ticket sales and ensure proper event management. Of which the services include; Event promotion, Event mobility, event security and event management. This above listed services gives our event organizers a edge to against their fellow competitors in the same niche of event management. 

3.  Unique secure Code for all attendees 

We realise that event organisers have a lot on their plate on the day of their event, and many organisers do not have the time to man the check-in desk at the event entrance. We have the best solution to make sure your event check-ins go seamlessly and for you to track how things are going in real-time with unique codes assigned to every single attendee which can be easily verified by attendees report provided to you by our support team. With this ensuring and preventing third party ticket reseller is guaranteed. With No code -No entry !

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