How It’s Works


1. Find Events

To buy event tickets, first you have to click to select an event from the home page or the events page; this will take you to the details of that event immediately.

2. Add Tickets To Cart

On the Event page, select the ticket type or class and the number of tickets you wish to buy, and add to cart. The ticket/s would be added automatically.

3.Make Payment

On the “Cart Page” click on proceed to checkout; on the “Checkout Page” enter all the required details, select your preferred payment option and click on “Place Order”. Please ensure you use a valid debit card.

4.Get Your Tickets

For payment made online – once the payment process is completed, your QR code ticket(s) and your unique order ID will be sent immediately to the email address you provided..


1. Sign Up

Events organizers are advised to have an active account TBM Events.

2. Visit Contact Us Page

To ensure proper event ticketing security, events organizers are advised to reach out to admin directly.

3. Submit Your Details

Fill up the contact form with valid email address and a well detailed event description. Or speak to us directly via whatsapp chat with a verified TBM Admin.

Your event description will be reviewed and you will reached out to within 24/48hours.

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